Gallery Overlay Jimco Special: Class 10, AORC PRO, or ProLite


“This car is totally designed with weight in mind. Either used with a twin turbo V6, 800 HP motor in Australia or an Eco-Tech 4 cylinder class 10 in the USA. Which ever power plant is chosen to drive this car, it is sure to continue its winning ways across the board as the most successful chassis design ever built in off road racing.”

Transmission: 5 or 6 Speed Sequential Gear Box: Clutch or Converter
Wheelbase: 123″
Track Width: 86 or 92″
Wheel Travel: 22″ Front & Rear
Suspension: Full Bypass Technology Racing Shocks
Engine: Mid or Rear Configuration:4 cyl Water or Air CooledV6  with Twin Turbos
Steering: Rack & Pinion Steering with Full Power Assist
Fuel Cell: 30 to 50 Gallons
Tires: Accepts 33″ to 37″ Tall Tires
Brakes: 4 or 6 Piston Racing Calipers
Body: Fiberglass Body with Custom Aluminum Interior
Seats: Single or Two Seat: MasterCraft 3G’s
Nets & Belts: MasterCraft Safety