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“The Jimco Aussie Special is the ultimate race car for down under. Light and nimble, yet still boost big suspension and components to handle the whoops of Finke. The Aussie Special is the car of choice of the past 5 AORC Champions”

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Transmission: 5 or 6 Speed Sequential Gear Box: Clutch or Converter
Wheelbase: 122″
Track Width: 92″
Wheel Travel: 22″ Front & Rear Travel
Suspension: Full Bypass Technology Racing Shocks
Engine: Mid or Rear Configuration6 Cylinder Turbo Engine

V8 6.0 Liter

Steering: Rack & Pinion Steering with Full Power Assist
Fuel Cell: 50 Gallons
Tires: 35″ Tall Racing Tires on 15″ Wheels

37″ Tall Racing Tires on 17″ Wheels

Brakes: 4 & 6 Piston Racing Calipers
Body: Fiberglass Body with Custom Aluminum Interior

Carbon Fiber Parts Available

Seats: Single or Two Seat: Shell or Suspension
Nets & Belts: MasterCraft Safety