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JIMCO manufactures the finest components designed specifically to handle the rigorous world of off-road racing. From spindles to tire rods JIMCO makes the best componentry for your off-road race vehicle. Take a look at the selections below and if you don't see what you are looking forward give us a call or drop us an e-mail and we will see if we can find what you are looking for.

Facts About the Jimco Parts Store

Facts About the Jimco Parts Store

Did you know that Jimco Racing has an online parts store?

Do you know how and why Jimco started an online parts store?  Because it’s always in production of the newest championship race car, it has thousands of dollars in parts floating around the shop, waiting to be placed on a car to call home.   In just a few short months, Jimco has worked hard to establish its parts store.  Here are a few facts about the Jimco Parts store that may convince you to buy from Jimco next time you need parts for your race car repair or refurbishment project…

  • Jimco Parts Store is the only authorized distributor of Brown & Miller plumbing parts in Southern California. This means it can offer you considerable savings over the prices you would get from buying direct from Brown & Miller.
  • Brown & Miller Crimping Station

    Brown & Miller Crimping Station









  • Jimco Parts Store has lots of different types of parts on hand that it can ship immediately to you, so you don’t lose any time getting your car ready:
  • Race car plumbing (hoses & fittings from XRP & Brown & Miller);
  • Brakes from Jamar & CNC;
  • Jimco A-arms, bushings, spacers and spindles;
  • Rod ends
  • Jimco Parts Store just recently added 374 different SKUS of LED lights for UTVs from Baja Designs.
  • More UTV specific parts coming soon including this UTV roll cage (available by mid-November)
  • Jimco UTV Roll Bars

    Jimco UTV Roll Bars









  • Did you know that you can also check out the parts Jimco has for sale on its Pinterest page?

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If you were a subscriber to the Jimco Racing email newsletter, you were eligible to win a Jimco uniform [t-shirt  hat] by entering the Jimco Social Media 250.  All you would have to do is complete 5 simple steps:

  1. Visit and count the number of companies listed under the “Shop by Vendor” option;
  2. Visit Jimco’s new Pinterest page and start following;
  3. Find your favorite photo on Jimco’s pinterest board and share it on your Facebook feed with the comments “You should followJimco Racing’s Pinterest board #socialmediachampions”
  4. Send an email to with the following information:
    1. subject line = “#socialmediachampions”
    2. in email body – include your first name & email address
    3. answer question #1 (how many vendors can you buy from at the Jimco Parts store?);
    4. your pinterest handle (to confirm you are following the Jimco page;
    5. Your facebook page name (to confirm you shared a post).

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Brake Reservoir

Brake Reservoir

Billet Aluminum

Made in the USA

Brown and Miller Racing Solutions

Brown and Miller Racing Solutions

Professional Race Hose & Fittings


Jimco is the Exclusive West Coast Distributor

Most Fittings in Stock and Can be Shipped Same Day

Custom Lines Made to Order

Mastercraft Safety

Mastercraft Safety

Your One Stop Shop For Off-Road Safety


Performance Seats, Restraints, Storage and More.

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Method Race Wheels

Method Race Wheels

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2012 BITD Parker 425 Qualifying

2012 BITD Parker 425 Qualifying