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1975             [Generation 1]  – It all started when Jim Julson built one of his first “buggies” to get his family started in a new hobby;

1980-1993  [Generation 2] – Jimco grows as a company as it improves race car performance by building them lighter than the industry standards at the time;

≈1994           [Generation 3]  – Jimco establishes itself as an industry leader when it launches the first mass produced A-Arm off road race car;

1998              [Generation 4]  – The Jimco 2000 was introduced with more upright seating, advanced steering and suspension upgrades;

2007             [Generation 5]   – The Jimco Champion series was launched as a bigger Class 1 car that attempted to keep up with trends in larger Trophy Trucks;

2016 [Generation 6 – COMING SOON!] – What will the next generation of Jimco Racing cars bring?  Jimco Racing has plans for the next generation car that’s going to knock your socks off (and maintain Jimco Racing’s leadership building championship off road race cars.

Jimco Racing car evolution infographic

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